By: Kirk DeLong 
Not far across the arroyo.
A sycamore in waiting.
Gilded light breaking linear mountain lines.
Casting amber rays upon watercolor bark.
Leaves still from sleep, quiver. 
Sigh out the night. 
Across the arroyo not far.

Winter Solstice Prayer 

By: Kirk DeLong 
Born to this planet Earth, we have risen we have risen from the ashes, the dust. 
From the scared circle good will prevail. 
Our ancestor of ten thousand years , the eagle carries arrows of love, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, hope and change, 
Like the bow we are strong and flexible.
We are not afraid, we will not starve. 
Now these arrows take flight, soaring through valleys, gracing mountain peaks, sailing on silky snow of a winter wind piercing the veil of darkness.
Now our love, our light come forth. 

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